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Europe is looking to lead the way to decarbonizing its economy and setting a global example. From the energy sector to advanced manufacturing and sustainable energy use, Europe is pushing the boundaries. Develop new solutions on GE's Predix platform to take decarbonization and sustainability to the next level.

Challenge 1: Electrification, presented by Eurelectric and EHPA

Electric vehicles, distributed renewable energy, and electric building heating can drive decarbonization and economic value.  The grid needs to keep up!  Innovate solutions for electrification, and evaluate decarbonization impact. Sample solutions: Renewable energy resource siting; electric heating & conversion to heat pumps analysis; EV charger siting; renewable energy integration.

Challenge 2: Advanced Manufacturing, presented by Stelia

Reducing the weight of aircraft components can drastically reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This implies manufacturing a new generation of aeronautics elementary parts. Access manufacturing data to optimize manufacturing processes, and decarbonize flight by accelerating the commissioning of a new generation of aircrafts. Sample solutions: Forecast manufacturing delays based on parts complexity; detect delay drifts and optimize critical production rescheduling.

Build solutions on Predix, the Industrial IoT platform. 

Create your FREE Predix account, and check out the tutorials. Also, FREE training will be provided for registered participants (see FAQ for details). Predix skills are required to be successful, but are easy to learn for experienced developers. You will need to know common programming languages (e.g. Java, JavaScript, Python), RESTful APIs, Cloud Foundry PaaS, OAuth. Prior IoT skills welcome, but not required.


  • One application may be submitted per team/submitter. Limit 5 people per team.
  • Teams must be registered via minds and machines conference website. Please register here: (€50 per person, or €250per team. Attendee type; hackathon).
  • Must solve a challenge for decarbonization in one of the two above categories.
  • Must use Predix platform and services, as primary IoT platform.
  • Submissions must be a web browser app (either mobile or desktop). All submissions must include an active URL where the app is deployed. 
  • Solutions should incorporate the Predix Developer Kit (will be supplied at hackathon).
  • New/Existing Applications: Both new and existing apps may be submitted, although judging will focus on app content delivered during hackathon. Please note that all apps must not rely on technology that has not yet been announced or introduced to the market.
  • Must agree to terms/conditions.

Hackathon Sponsors


50,000 in prizes

Electrification Grand Prize

10000 Euro Grand prize winner for Electrification category. Additionally, up to 10k Euro in travel to showcase solution to EURELECTRIC annual meeting:

Electrification runner up

7000 Euro awarded to Electrification Excellence runner up

Electrification 3rd place

3000 Euro awarded to Electrification Excellence - 3rd place

Advanced Manufacturing Master Grand Prize

10000 Euro Winning solution in the Advanced Manufacturing category

Advanced Manufacturing Master Runner Up

7000 Euro for Advanced Manufacturing Master Runner Up

Advanced Manufacturing Master 3rd place

3000 Euro Advanced Manufacturing Master 3rd place

Predix Developer Kit Winner 1st place

5000 Euro Best use of the Predix Developer Kit - 1st place.

Predix Developer Kit 2nd Place

3000 Euro 2nd place best use of Predix Developer Kit

Predix Developer Kit 3rd place

2000 Euro Best use of Predix Developer Kit 3rd place

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Please register here:  (€50 per person, or €250per team). 

You are only eligible to participate if you are registered for the Minds and Machines Europe Conference ("Hackathon" attendee type).

This hackathon is on a docked boat at the conference venue. Pretty cool, right?! Even though the boat will close at 5pm, feel free to continue working with your team wherever/however long you'd like. 

Note, space on the boat is limited.  Please ensure to arrive early, to secure your spot for hacking.

June 12: 9am Kick off, 5pm close

June 13: 9am Kick off, Pitches begin at 2pm - 5pm



Peter Marx

Peter Marx
Vice President, Predix

Elizabeth Wayman

Elizabeth Wayman
Global Director of Innovation, GE Ecomagination

Abhishek Shukla

Abhishek Shukla
Director, Venture Capital and Corporate Development at GE Digital

Robert Plana

Robert Plana
Director, Innovation and Ecosystem, GE Digital Europe

Jonny Klasson

Jonny Klasson
Strategic IoT Alliance Manager with Intel Software and Services Group

Judging Criteria

  • Understanding and Impact
    Were the data used, provided to create an app that has an IMPACT on decarbonization in EU, in either of the 2 categories?  
  • Ease of Implementation
    Extent to which the value provided to the end user is realistically achievable with existing technologies within the near term; not vague or overly complex to user, or reliant on a technology that is not yet on the market.
  • Ecomagination Factor
    What is the impact on decarbonization, and creating business value?
  • Creativity and Innovation
    Creativity and originality of the application idea, usability, design, and intuitiveness.
  • Predix Capabilities
    Is the application primarily running on Predix and leverage Predix services? Where Predix Geospatial services used? Was the Predix Developer Kit (provided by Intel) used?

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